How to Make Bulk Email Marketing Work Quickly

In case of a crash or simply if you want to power off your computer for the night, you can always resume from where the CBT Bulk Email Sender left off the next time you start the software.

Save your Project You can save your project and run it at any time. This will save you from having to reenter the same details again. Send Emails via Webmail Many email providers are already making it very difficult to send out emails via SMTP in their efforts to fight spam. Send Bulk Emails with CBT Mass Email Sender is able to send emails via webmail by emulating real human behaviour. The software is able to login and send emails just as you would by logging into your email account and sending out emails via webmail..

The software is also able to solve many types of captcha like google recaptcha and and funcaptcha with the help of external captcha solving services. Auto Removes Unsubscribers from your Mailing List in Real Time The mass email sender is able to automatically remove all unsubscribers from your mailing list to avoid spam and legal implications. The software generates a link for unsubscribing. The recipient of an email has to click on the link which sends an instruction to unsubscribe to our designated inbox which is monitored in real time.

The software will then add the unsubscriber’s email list to the blacklist which will remove them from all future correspondence. Tradeshows can have been delayed until next year. In person meetings are few and far between. Networking events have been cancelled. For businesses looking to sell their products and services to other businesses, the opportunities to increase sales contacts have shrunk dramatically this year. With the holidays only a few weeks away, now is when businesses must aggressively market themselves and get their products and services into the inboxes of decision makers and buyers.

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