How are cows slaughtered

How are cows slaughtered

Therefore no doubt that beef industry is always thriving and that translates to the slaughterhouse sessions that most cows in the farms will have to undergo. There are different ways that the cows will be slaughtered in the US with some methods seeks to make the mode of slaughtering more humane. Below the slaughtering methods and they include:


The stunning method involves the use of a pneumatic device called stunner. The device injects a metal bolt into the cow’s brain. One bolt injection is enough to render the cow to an unconscious state where the animal is then slaughtered. This is a method that is considered to be humane in nature since the cow is believed to have undergone less or no pain at all. There is also the non-penetrating bolt that will equally render the cow to unconsciousness.

The stunning method is carried out using electrocution means whereby the cow is subjected to an electrical current in the heart or the brain, and the animal immediately becomes unconscious. The cow is the slaughtered without any struggle. The electrocution even preferred as the most humane as the method also takes the shortest time possible and is considered to happen with less struggle.



The exsanguination is the process of draining blood out of the cow by slitting the throat or beheading the animal. There also those who carries this method by passing a blade through the cow’s heart. Exsanguination method is however considered to be one of the least inhumane ways to slaughter a cow. There are various reasons why this method is carried such as the only means known to some people; the other reason can also be because of the need to consume or use the blood for some other sort of cooking.


Gasses such as the carbon dioxide are used to force the cow into unconsciousness. The process begins with the cow been taken to an enclosed room and the carbon dioxide, or other harmful gas is released for the animal to inhale and become unconscious. This method is considered the most convenient as many animals can be put together in one room that will be filled with the harmful gas and therefore saving a lot of time. The time that is taken for the animal to fall unconscious in the gassing method also depends on the gas concentration.


There are those people who use weapons to instantly kill the cow and be ready for the slaughter. The gun is loaded with a live bullet which is then shot at the cow’s head or heart and instantly kills the animal. There are reasons why the bullet might be used which include the perception by the gun holders as the quickest and less tiresome method of slaughtering. It is also considered by those slaughtering the cow as humane because the cow dies instantly.

The above list represents the number of methods used to slaughter the cow and some methods depend on the level of modernization of the slaughtering facilities as well.




Benefits of Whiteboard Videos to Business Owners

youtube seo servicesYouTube has emerged as one of the best marketing tools for entrepreneurs through the uploading of videos on the site. This site has billions of viewers who can easily be converted to buyers when well applied. YouTube video creation is made easy by the fact that it offers tools like YouTube editor which enable user to edit their videos and customize them to be able to stand out as unique. It also allows users to add annotations and notes to their YouTube videos.

Whiteboard animations have gained popularity in internet advertisement. They show a person recording themselves while drawing images on a whiteboard or other surface. They have become very effective as they compel the viewers to pay close attention enabling the user to pass the message clearly. The following reasons explain why whiteboard is gaining immense popularity as a great marketing tool.

They tell a story about the business

A Whiteboard animation is a story telling about the birth and growth of the business through the drawing of images. It is a smooth and captivating way in informing the viewers all about your business. The information portrayed here makes viewers always remember your company hence urges them to want to conduct business with you.

Are used for intangible products

Explaining how an intangible product works can prove to be difficult as some viewers cannot comprehend. Whiteboard animation is a creative process which explains a process or service making it easy for viewers to understand.

Brand visibility through sharing

These videos are entertaining. This makes viewers want to share on social media giving you business an enormous exposure to a large internet audience.

Increase traffic and page views

Whiteboard videos can generate a lot of traffic to your site with viewers intend on knowing more. With a site that has good content, it is very easy to get high conversion rates.

Whiteboard videos and YouTube creation videos provide a positive impact on organizations leading to increased sales.

How To Develop Effective Online Advertising Campaigns


For the home business owner, knowing how to create an effective online advertising campaign can make or break the business. Once you have created your business around your product, now comes the time to develop and promote your brand. Knowing how to effectively create and execute an online advertising campaign will keep your business thriving in the fast-past, social media world.

In addition, once you have created your brand and advertising artwork, it is a good idea to purchase an advertising insurance policy. Such a policy will protect your brand against copyright infringement and provide your business protection against slander and libel.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords will drive users to your site. Users who search for the keywords you specify when setting up your Google AdWords account will see your ads in the advertising bar of the search results. Interested and motivated potential customers will find you through Google AdWords.

Invest a modest amount of money in AdWords to see how this strategy works for your business. Google AdWords is scalable and if you find that your AdWords account is generating a great deal of traffic to your site, you can always add more keywords to your account.

Certain web hosting companies offer specials, like $100 in free Google AdWords advertising, when you host your site with them. Shop around for deals on AdWords with web hosting companies. In addition, Google AdWords will offer specials and discounts via coupon codes and other promotions. Take advantage of sales that are offered and increase your ROI for your advertising dollar.

Facebook Ads

Facebook sells ads to businesses at a fair price. If you have a target demographic in mind for your potential consumer, ads on Facebook will target the specified demographic and drive potential customers to your brand’s Facebook page or website.
Facebook allows businesses to set target demographic metrics, such as age, gender, interests and product categories, to see your ads. Select product categories for brands similar to your brand to drive interested customers to your site.
Facebook Ad specials are also offered by many online promotional sites. Use promotional discounts when you find them to purchase Facebook Ads for your business.

LinkedIn Ads

Particularly if your product or brand caters to other businesses, LinkedIn paid ads will display to companies who search for businesses and products similar to yours. Similar to Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads allow you to target your ads to a certain demographic, geographical area or job title. You can even target ads to specific LinkedIn Groups.
Create a Facebook Brand Page

Create a Facebook page dedicated to your business or brand. Invite potential customers to the page. Publish interesting content that will generate comments and feedback. In addition, post specials, discounts and promotional codes for those who follow you on the social network.

Sign up with Bing Local, Google Places and Yahoo Local

Bing Local, Google Places and Yahoo Local are all local directories for businesses. These services are free and they display your geo-located business ads on search results that are location-specific.
Signing up for these local listing directories is as simple as filling out a Web form. Complete the form and people will find your business listing when they search for businesses in your geographical area.

Publish a Blog and Use Guest Bloggers

One of the best ways to generate a buzz about your brand or product is to publish a blog. Invite guest bloggers to post blogs on your site. Great content that generates comments will provide more advertising for your brand than the purchase of many paid advertising.
Creating a successful and effective online advertising campaign for your small business does not have to be expensive or require a great deal of investment in terms of time. Spending a couple of hours per day dedicated to online promotion of your brand may drive potential customers to your site and generate revenue for your business.

If you are able to budget a small amount of money for advertising, purchase Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads to target specific demographics for your product. Get the most from your advertising budget by targeting those potential customers most likely to be interested in your product.